Nov 11, 2011

Earlier this week

Shot at Whitehall in the West Village on Wednesday, a new restaurant with another interior that hits all the right notes for me - industrial and sleek with hints of rustic/woodsy-ness. See the full look + slideshow here. Why yes, I got to sample all of those dishes you see there. It's a tough job, I know.

Above, oysters with smoked bacon and Worcestershire dressing. Below, the talented team - pastry chef Ryan Butler, bar manager John McCarthy, and chef Chris Rendell.

And with that, happy weekend, all!


  1. wow!!! i've never tried oysters, but these with bacon look AMAZING!!! yummyy!!! :D

  2. You are seriously inspirational. Your shots are so beautiful, and you have a way of making a small moment so wonderful!

    Keep going! I'm such a fan!

  3. just watched the slide show...looks delicious, esp the desserts :)

  4. Stunning presentation... looks delish!

  5. looks absolutely scrumptious!