Nov 17, 2011

Sara + Mike | A Jersey City Engagement

I had the pleasure of shooting Sara and Mike's engagement session in Jersey City last month. I was introduced to them through the adorable Erin - you've seen her on the blog before! ;)

All shot on Fuji Pro 400H.

I can't explain why but this last shot is probably my favorite. There is something odd and whimsical about it. His hands in front, hers in back. Their expressions.


  1. I love the ones with the sunset-y glow!

  2. I love these photos! So fresh and romantic. Especially the one under the dome pavilion!

  3. I absolutely love the one where she's jumping, and he catches her, and you can't see either of their faces because her hair is all up in the wind.

    Love it! You are too great.