Nov 9, 2011

Solange + Andre

Just wanted to share a few film shots from Solange & Andre's Brooklyn lovely no-frills, cozy wedding a few weeks ago. The reception took place at The Farm on Adderley, another one of those restaurants where I would love to go when empty and photograph all the little details and mismatching chairs.

There's a mix of Kodak Portra 160 and Fuji 400H here.

As a side note, I'll be making some changes to the blog hopefully soon, so if you come by and things look broken and all out of place, you'll know why. One of those changes is going to be to post larger pictures, so I'm making my collages bigger nowadays. You can click here for the bigger version of this one.


  1. YUSSS! Looking forward to the bigger images! And this wedding is so unbelievably awesome on so many unbelievable layers. Like, the couple is the cutest thing for starters. The groom's glasses and the bride's dress are the BEST. And of course you rocked the medium format like you always do.

  2. Beautiful film set of this wedding! Wonderful composition, as always! I hope you shoot more weddings - would love to see more wedding posts from you!

  3. The shot through window is so beautiful. I can never get such shot right..

  4. these are just some of the lovliest wedding pictures i have EVER seen. those two look so cute :)

    have a nice day

  5. Your magic way with film... <3