Jun 15, 2010

West Village treats

1) Tiny table squished with brunch goodies at Tartine (253 W. 11th St.)
2) Brunch companions! Not that this will mean much to you, but L-R: Grand Big, Big, Great Grand Big, Me, Little. So happy we all made it out together and relatively last minute too. :)

Tartine is seriously tiny and they use up all the space they have. So I found myself sitting against the window bumping elbows left and right. We also waited ~25-30 minutes for our table for 5. Nonetheless, the place does have its charm and I left feeling a bit overly full. Nice thing is prix-fixe $15 with orange juice and coffee/tea.

3) Came across this cupcake truck by Washington Square Park (though I think it changes location). If I hadn't been so full from brunch, I would have loved to try it. The menu boasted 20 different cupcake varieties! They are all cutely named as well, including "Sweet Side Up," "Rich Guy," "Mr. Incredible," and "Whatchamacallit" hahah. I wonder if they have them all everyday though.
4) And how precious are these Mast Brothers chocolate bar wrappers? Would make nice wallpapers or decorative accents for my card-making. Definitely something I could find myself collecting, but at $9.99 a bar...I will probably have to admire from a distance.


  1. Reminder to self; don't look at Alice's blog when I'm hungry...

    Looks so "ono" (delicious)! And fun!

  2. Hey! I am a big fan of your photography >_<
    Could you make a Photoshop tutorial how you edit your photos? That would be very kind ^0^
    Thank you^^

  3. Hey, hun! I didn't know you had a blog, I'm adding it to my daily reads ;)

    Looks like you had quite a lovely meal *runs to the fridge*. I have seen these gorgeous chocolates but I had no idea they are SO pricey! And a cupcake truck? How cute is that :) I am still laughing at the names of the cupcakes :))

    Have a lovely day, dear! xo

  4. I love the chocolate packaging, too! I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks?