Jun 21, 2010

Scenes from a weekend (iii)

Hello, and happy official summer! The summer solstice has actually always made me a little sad (emphasis on little), because I know that the days only get shorter and shorter from here on out. Today, I'm actually a little bit at a loss for what to do with all this daylight. I have also reached that point in the month where I realize I have $x amount of money to last the rest of the month and getting antsy about it. So while an ice cold drink or two (I'll take a mojito, thanks) sounds like a perfect way to celebrate summer, I think I'll have to hang on to some money for the weekend. 6 months on my own, and I still have no concept of budgeting. Well, that's that...moving on to some Polaroids I snapped over the weekend while I was at home in NJ.

These vintage soda bottles caught my eye at a garage sale, and came home with me. The lady was also selling a huge lot of vintage cameras, which were tempting me, but I really would have no space for them!

1. Big bowl of watermelon that I pretty much polished off during my stay at home.
2. My mom makes great Bao Zi with innovative innards, as I am actually not a huge, huge fan of pork/chive buns.
3. Panna cotta for dessert! I was amazed at how simple it to make. I wish I could say they came out perfectly, but I think they were a little too dense for my liking, and some of the gelatin settled to the bottom of the pseudo-ramekin which was weird. Will have to try a different recipe next time.

Now, I'll be off to find something free to do with the rest of my night. :P

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  1. The photo of the baozi just made me hungry for the one we have in the fridge. I love the one of the bottles and their shadows! I'm trying to form a collection, but I only have clear glass ones so far.