Jun 11, 2010

An invincible summer

I read something today that reminded me of a simple joy in the summertime, that is, the cool side of a pillow. We warm up one side and when it gets uncomfortable, we can just flip over the pillow. That first touch to the skin of the chilled sateen is pleasantly refreshing and a feeling that is not easily recreated.

Speaking of summertime, I've been lusting over the portfolio of Mikkel Vang for the past week. I discovered him in an old Martha Stewart magazine and was so glad I looked him up. Serious, serious porn for the aesthetes out there. These select pictures just screamed summer to me and are styled so beautifully, it actually aches to look at them. Mikkel sure knows how to tug at my heartstrings :P.

A great way to kick-off a weekend, no?


  1. did u take these? it's beautiful :)

  2. wow now thats some insane lighting!

  3. Did you know that the cool side of the pillow is called a "blivet"? It's a made up name, a sniglet. :)