Jun 2, 2010


{Minolta X370s, Plus-X film}

Photos taken from various long walks around the city.

1. Mud Coffee Truck near Astor Place
2. Girl checking out window display at boutique in Soho
3. Just chillin'
4. Le Pain Quotidien jams
5. Sidewalk sale
6. One of the many street fairs that litter the city in the summer

Keeping up with a daily blog is exhausting but I am doing my best. I'm also thinking of it more as a way to unwind after a long day than a burden, which makes all the difference. Thank you kindly for the comments. It is nice to have readers. :)


  1. stunning post. very inspiring too :)

    xo Alison

  2. This is a beautiful BW set. I have a feeling you'll have a huge blog audience soon. I love seeing what you have in store for us everyday.

  3. for some reason while reading your blog, I was having a dejavu moment and I feel like I dreamt about this...so weird.

    <3 the pictures

  4. very inspiring black and white photographs!

  5. I didn't aspire to keep a daily blog from the beginning because I knew I couldn't :P I'm just so bad at managing my time >.< But I agree: a blog is not an easy task, contrary to what some people can think.

    I love the b/w :) Definitively, I need to find that old Zenit. I want to stard with film too :D

  6. I know how you feel about a blog sometimes feeling like a burden. You are doing a wonderful job, though! I only recently discovered your little e-nook but I am already in love. When I feel stressed about having long pauses between posts on my blog, I just try and remember that I'm doing it all, first and foremost, for myself!

    Keep up all the amazing work!