Jun 7, 2010

A divine meal

Warning: slew of pictures ahead.

I was lucky enough to have my graduation dinner at Eleven Madison Park, a meal I had been looking forward to for a very long time. Before I even got there, I had read so much praise for the place, I was worried my expectations were too high. They did not disappoint. I was definitely still wowed by the amount of care in every step of the night. They seemed to do it effortlessly, too. Given the reputation of the place, the service was not at all pretentious and our waitstaff could not have been friendlier or more entertaining.

The place is beautiful and spacious. I really appreciated the low noise level. Despite a full dining room, we could easily hear each other. I'll probably let the pictures do the rest of the talking. You can see the sun going away throughout these, as the lighting gets more and more difficult to work with haha.

My duck was prepared table-side. It smelled amazing. Thanks, Kevin! :)

By the end of the night, I was too full to stomach all the macarons. Actually, it was more the case that the photographer in me wanted to take them home so I could photograph them properly in daylight. :P Also took home a lovely box of jelly candies. Yum.

I need to go back ASAP.


  1. just wanted to say hi & let you know i'm enjoying your blog :)

    hope you're enjoying NYC so far!

  2. Great series of images; thank you for sharing! And a belated congratulations on your graduation.

  3. Hi again, i'm not sure if you got my last message, did you? I'm waiting for your answer. (:



  4. how do you get this colors?

  5. so beautiful! i heart everything in this post. gorgeous!

    xo Alison

  6. wow the macarons are so colorful! XD which camera did u use for those pictures? :)

  7. @Miamy,
    Just my trusty Canon XTi!

  8. So lovely, Alice! :) Mm.... need to travel there soon.

  9. I've never been here. These photos are great. The colors are perfect.