Jun 28, 2010

Oh sweet jesus

These babies are calling my name so badly. I saw the grey and black in the J.Crew on 5th avenue today and I cannot stop thinking about them. Wonder if I should pull the trigger now before they are hardcore back-ordered (as this has happened to every pair of shoe I have lusted over at J.Crew)...just can't decide between the grey and red, or rather "cobblestone" and "dusk red." The grey would be more practical but I love the red too. Why can't I have both? (Oh duh, they come with a $228 price tag. Damnit.)

Today was such a sauna. I trekked all around in my new-ish Camper Laura wedges, which I am also in love with. The thick straps hide all the ugly parts of my weird feet. Also only 2.5 inches high or so, which accommodates my arch-less feet. A few blisters in the beginning but nothing I can't handle. Highly recommend. Now I am inclined to try more Camper styles.

Even though it kills my shoes and feet, there is something so wonderful about pounding on NYC concrete with heels on. I instantly feel better about myself. Silly, I know. Maybe it is because I am so petite otherwise. I will also never show I am in pain, no matter how bad blisters are. Gotta keep up an image, ya know. ;)

The only thing that got me through walking so much in this heat was blasting John Mayer and embracing the anonymity that a city like NY offers you. (Generally speaking. Yes, we all know it can be an uncomfortably very, VERY small island sometimes.)

[images taken from jcrew.com and zappos.com]


  1. Those suede heels are amazing!

  2. haha... for a split sec, I thought I already commented. But I swore I hadn't checked in awhile. Thank goodness we swapped our credit cards back, before you went crazy.

  3. I've never worn heels, but I would do anything to have those! J.crew has the most amazing clothes... if only they weren't so expensive!