Jun 8, 2010

Paradise lost

Taken March 2009 in the beautiful Dominican Republic. It is almost painful to go through these pictures because it seems like it was such a different time/place in my life (I mean literally and figuratively). I suppose a lot can happen in a year.

Anyway on a completely unrelated note, here are some things I desperately "need" and am "saving" (HAH!) for:
-Canon 5d Mkii (first and foremost)
-50mm f1.4
-Faster computer (27'' iMac will do ;])
-Epson film/negative scanner
-French press that won't shatter (for the third time...)

Things I really do need:
-Sharp cuticle clipper for my horrible habit
-Tea kettle/water boiler
-Chairs/table for the completely empty living room
-Alllll of the above. :D

Obviously, this will be a painstakingly slow process. Sacrifices will have to be made. The worst part is that the list continues to grow. AY.


  1. I got my 50mm 1.4 lightly used on craigslist for pretty cheap! But, the 5d will take me a long time too.

  2. I love the two photos at the top.

    Good luck with your list – as for me, I've cut it down to one item. That being said, it's a leica M9, so you stand more chances of completing yours before i do.

  3. Interesting list, good luck with that.

    Be careful with that shattering press; maybe a lined metal one instead?

  4. Gorgeous photos! I think I can relate to your wishlists.. I was lucky enough to get some of my grandparents' furniture from their apartment (beautiful old table, etc.), but my kitchen table was also without the chairs - which I then bought in Ikea. Anyhow, good luck with your wishlists! :-)

  5. i hear ya on the chairs/tables...there is no furniture in my new house yet either. but i'm willing to sit on the floor a little bit longer until i find something really special :)

  6. hopefully you'll be able to check some of these things off soon. these photos are gorgeous!

    xo Alison

  7. It is a bit painful to look at you beautiful photos of beaches sitting at my desk. I could go for the 27" iMac and the French press as well :)

  8. I've wanted better lenses for a long (I'm still taking photos with the kit lenses). The difference it's that I haven't begun to save for it yet >.< And I want a faster (and better) computer too. Before I got into photography, the one I had was enough. But shooting with RAW consumes a LOT of memory and it slows it down too :S

    And I want a

  9. I'm reading this post, which is now over a year and a half old, and I bet that that you've acquired some of these items on this list and it has quadrupled in size. I can't wait to find out. Hah.