Oct 25, 2011

Degustation, recently

Even though I've posted meals at Degustation a countless number of times now, I can never resist sharing because we always have a great experience. It's also been our go-to standard "special occasion" (loosely defined) place, and still our whenever-the-hell-we-feel-like-it place. We went for a little day-after-birthday dinner for J after Chicago. Not a single bite I didn't completely enjoy this time (you never know what will sneak on to your plate with these ten-course tastings).

For anyone that hasn't been here yet or is planning on being in the city any time in the future, put this one on your list.


  1. I want to try it, your pictures are so lovely!

    I wonder how to classily devour these tiny morsels though :P

  2. I want to plan a trip to NY based around places to eat based around all your photos :D

  3. everything looks so super delicate - what a contrast from your other post, ha!

  4. This looks amazing. I'm visiting NY in early November and hope to cross this off my list. Thanks for the recc!