Oct 7, 2011

No start, no end

It's funny that I still use "happy friday" because now fridays are more or less meaningless to me. As a photographer (especially where weddings are involved), there really is no work week. It's all the same, and fridays probably signify the START of a heavy working weekend. I'll be second shooting on Saturday and shooting my own on Sunday. God I need a massage. I haven't blogged much "real work" lately because I'm waiting on a few shoots in film.

I think Ashley had to take this shot because she's much taller than I am, and saw me struggling to reach up as far as I could with the Contax. It's such a happy shot. I love her Chucks and the disheveled nature of my shoelaces.


  1. that picture is adorb! and happy friday anyways! i like friday, a lot.

  2. I like your shoes!

    Friday's are meaningless to me too, and have a pile of homework waiting to be done.

    Have a good week!

  3. Have a great weekend Alice ;)

  4. Hang in there! I feel a little proud that our wedding was on a Thursday and therefore didn't contribute to your weekend insanity ;)


    (Oh! and I saw your email, will respond soon, but yes, no problem whatsoever with the waiting. Take your time).