Oct 5, 2011

Sleepy kitteh

Still no Internet and it appears alicegao.com is down at the moment too. GAH. So sucky.

Avedon has found his new favorite spot on the windowsill. His fur is so soft it is UNREAL. He's kinda been keeping us awake throughout the night by playing with his jingly mouse toys - I thought cats were supposed to sleep like all the time?? He also has a funny habit of not drinking from his water bowl but always drinks from our human water glasses, sticking his whole face in the cup to reach the water. Doh.

Contax 645 | Polaroid back


  1. Cats. Window light. All is well.

    Sorry, they sleep all day to party all night....

  2. Avedon has indeed the same characteristics as my kitten. She just refuses to use her water blow, instead keeps drinking from my glass!

    Cute photo and his fur DOES look unusually soft! :)

  3. So sweet! You can totally tell how soft his belly fur is in this shot, too!

    And girl, get ready for lots more midnight madness. Cats are nocturnal animals, so they sleep like all the time... during the DAY! And then they party ev-ery-night. hahah. Also, because he's just a kitten he will probably be even crazier as he grows up. Felix was insane when we first got him and drove us up the wall, but he's 4 now and has definitely mellowed out over the last couple of years.

    Avedon sounds like such a cute little character, though! Fran also refuses to drink from her water bowl most of the time - she's addicted to water faucets.

  4. Welcome to cat's life. It's great, really - in the wild cats hunt at night and rest/hide during the day, and that means your kitteh is in tune with his instincts.

    Jingly toys, however, are a big no-no. I give my Shelby only one of those rustly mice full with foil inside. It works like magic and doesn't make too much noise.

    But I don't mind being woken up at night that much; pregnancy insomnia. I get up to snack/pee/feed the cat every two hours anyways :D

  5. And soon he will learn to sit outside your shower and then run in their when you're finished to lick the water off the shower floor. My cat did this. And drinking out of a running tap if he got the chance

  6. Oh to be a loved house cat..! The softness to this is perfect.

  7. Simply amazing cat!