Aug 19, 2011

Happy friday

Celebrating this gal's birthday tonight. She so pretty. :D

Taken last night at Barolo. Four of us got together for drinks and nibbles and it was a great time. I finally met Ilenia after much online interaction, and she is such a sweetheart. She's also the photo assistant for the illustrious Jamie Beck - what a dream job, eh?

Well I see lots of bubbly in my future (i.e., tonight). And my calendar looks BLANK for the weekend. I can't remember the last time it's been like that, and I'm pretty thrilled.


  1. wish Jamie would take me working for her full time!! lol
    she is just AMAZING!! (hope my actual boss will never read this comment!) ahahah
    and Ashley looks gorgeous!!

  2. Great candid of her :) Hope you have a nice weekend Alice

  3. What a smile :) enjoy your relaxing weekend!

  4. how fun! all you nyc'ers mkeeting up.

    also, love the processing here. love.

  5. Alice,
    Your photos are simply gorgeous, I can't get enough!