Aug 1, 2011

For a casual date night

The heat of summer is really killing my his and her look series. July has come and gone without a single outfit post, so I thought I'd kick off August with one! This is more or less what we'd wear on a cooler night to go out for drinks or a late dinner.

J and I definitely need to take some pointers from The Sartorialist... both in terms of being behind the camera and in front of it. I found myself slouching in 95% of the shots and I'm horrendous at directing J how to pose. And how come I still look short in 4+ inch heels? Yech. The curse of short legs!

This is not a fashion blog. For good reason. :P


  1. I know I'm a guy.. But i think your shoes are nice.

  2. But... but... Where do you keep the Contax?! ;)

  3. I love these style posts of yours. And hello gorgeous shoes??! Wowza. Looking forward to meeting next week :)

  4. Hey! You guys are wonderful!:) I wish I could walk in such shoes.:(!!
    Following your blog is always makes me want to live in NY.

  5. You guys are too cute!!!

    Love those shoes!

  6. girl, you so stylish! those shoes are awesome!! i can never wear those - litterally 2 steps and my feet will be complaining of pain :) what a cute danty purse too!