Aug 26, 2011

The creative little garden

Took J's new toy (the still sold-out Fuji x100 - Craigslist and fredmiranda are probably your best option) out for a test spin today. There's no beating the sleek vintage design of this. So far it's been quite a little gem. The 35mm focal length will take a little getting used to, but I think I've just fallen too comfortable with the 50mm and even 85mm.

These were shot in RAW and gently processed. Overall, the white balance and colors are very nice straight out of the camera. I'm sure I'll have much more to say about this camera as we get more use out of it! Since it IS his camera, maybe J should write up the review himself. :) (Although let's not kid ourselves - I predict I'll be greedily using it at least twice as much as he will...)

The Creative Little Garden is a small space on 6th Street between Ave A and B. It's filled with these cute little birdhouses and feeders. One thing I love about the East Village is I'm always happening upon these community gardens and where there's a garden, there are photos to be made.


  1. oooh... intriguing. can't wait to see J's review on it. looks good so far!

  2. Aha! You guys got one! I agree that the out of camera results are pretty awesome, and for that reason, I normally shoot JPEGs with the X100 for casual stuff. Enjoy your- er..his new camera =)

    Interestingly, I'm the opposite as far as prefered focal lengths. I comfortable between 24-50 when shooting primes, less so at 85 since I don't use it as often. Nice shots!

  3. Stop it. That garden is my new obsession. I was just around the corner for lunch today and ended up walking past your place on my way to the subway. I may or may not have waved at your building and told my sister, "that's where Alice lives."

  4. Omg the garden is so pretty!! I wish there was one near my house :(

    Oh myyyy, I just googled that camera and it's so cool!

  5. what an amazing garden, I love the little bird houses.

    have fun with the new camera :)

  6. Wow that is an amazing little garden! And it looks like you're enjoying the new camera. The pictures are gorgeous!

  7. a great success, I x100 1 month colors are beautiful even in jpg, there is a small position in yellow, the 35mm makes it possible to be distracted, difficult in the beginning I used the 50mm or 85mm as you an advantage no problems with very sensitive 3200iso.

  8. OMG i used to live right behind this garden! 5th street between A and B ave, next to Ace Bar. My window was right above it. So many memories :)

    erm sorry, oh HIIII!! im one of the lurkers that has been following your blog for quiet sometime, i just love it. Amazing to look at the city i like the most through your eyes, makes me fall in love again with it.

    Lots of kisses from México