Dec 15, 2010

The last of the birthday hoorahs

All right, this should be my FINAL birthday-related post. Something about having a Wednesday birthday allowed me to stretch the festivities out from the Saturday before it to the Saturday night after it. It was seriously more like a "birthweek" but I'm not complaining! This time, I headed into the middle of nowhere for a dinner at Ninety Acres which is located on a sort of farm/estate in northern NJ. Thank heavens I was not doing the driving because the road to the restaurant is deathly dark, winding, and narrow. I am sure this place is beautiful in the day time but I unfortunately could not see much. It would also be stunning under a blanket of fresh snow, but the road would be even more treacherous.

The restaurant itself is surprisingly cozy and inviting given the reputation of the place as a fine dining locale (ahem... not to hate on my home state, but it is just NJ after all :P). Even making reservations over a month in advance, we only secured an early dinner time. I also noted that every female in this place looked like they belonged in The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The woman with the giant Birkin and Hermes belt could stand to tone it down a bit. Sheesh. The portions here are huge. It was more like comforting food with familiar tastes - nothing super inventive or interesting, but just very nice. I did get a little annoyed with the servers who were not very subtly trying to turn the table over.

Thank you to Mr. B for this lovely dinner. :)

Below is an adorable cake from Black Hound that I received from Alicia. Thanks, dear! It was very well-enjoyed.

I took these in a horrible dark room but with my Speedlite 580ex ii. I really ought to use that thing more - don't you think it could almost pass for natural light here? Or am I just crazy.


  1. those last two photos definitely could pass for natural light!

  2. First of, *love* birthday weeks! My birthday is on a Friday, so I don't think that I will be so lucky.

    Yes, the last two could definitely pass for natural light!

    You nailed the photos in the restaurant - I always struggle with lighting in dimly lit places, but you captured it perfectly!

  3. Wow, definitely starting to see the F&W look. Very nice. Glad your "birthweek" went pretty well; see, getting "old" needn't be bad!

    And a speedlite definitely qualifies as "available light." You did good.

  4. Your restaurant photos are always so charming.

    The last two do indeed almost look like natural light!

  5. mmmm, that little cake looks delish

    Happy Birthday again :)

  6. Gorgeous images, totally awesome!
    Do you use flash for night shots?

  7. i'm really enjoyed the birthday-related posts. SO lovely!

    xo Alison

  8. I love your restaurant photos! Everything always looks so delicious!

    And those could totally pass for natural light!

  9. my first Q is: you watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey? =)

    i need friends who will take me out to these nice restaurants, haha! it's not you, that flash image does look like natural light!

  10. Dear Alice,

    I've just discovered your blog and your wonderful photos. I'm loving them both. :-)
    Also, I adore your film-digital comparisons... fascinating.



  11. That little busy bee cake is so cute! Definitely could pass as natural light - in fact I thought it was before I read the caption! Great post!