Dec 29, 2010

Year in review, à la iPhone

This post was a serious pain in the ass to put together, but I had so much fun going through my old pictures and trying to figure out where half of them were even taken. These are by no means the best pictures (I chose three per month) but for the most part, they represent either an interesting or new experience from that month. Some months, I felt I had captured almost nothing good on my phone, whereas for others, choosing only three was painfully difficult.

I'll try to keep this recap short, but there's a lot here (links to posts where applicable).

(Just got my new iPhone at the end of this month before I started a brand new shiny job, my first one out of college.)
• View from one wall of the office (7 WTC).
• iMac selfie on the first day of work.
• A seriously gorgeous office. Seriously. This doesn't even begin to capture it.

• Snowy train ride to Philly to see college friends.
• The (HUGE) cat I shared a bed with when I crashed at a friend's in NY to avoid commuting in a blizzard.
• New apartment in Manhattan!! I slept on an air mattress for a few days and computed on the floor.

• Stayed at the office until 2am. At least there was a pretty view.
• Began documenting my affair with good coffee. (As I went through my pictures I realized I probably need to do an entire 2010 coffee roundup post on its own!)
• Discovered Mark and its $2 sliders, $3 fries, and $4 beer, hello!

• Gorged on cupcakes almost every day after lunch. This pretty one was made by the talented Joyce.
• Did a solo trek of the Brooklyn Bridge with my new Minolta film camera.
• Went back to Penn for Spring Fling. Good times.

• Took the Pentax 67 with me over the High Line.
• Dined by myself at a sit-down restaurant for the first time.
• Went back to Penn for my official graduation (and they forgot my name in the program!).

• So freaking thrilled to have an abundance of peonies from the Greenmarket.
• First experience with molecular gastronomy at wd-50.
• A fun start (in more ways than one :)) to summer at Terroir Tribeca with the summer of riesling.

• Probably the grossest thing I ate all year - squid guts.
• Amazing joyrides in Mai's new car with the top down kicked off my summer of funemployment.
• Finding myself sitting at the Central Park fountain on a summer date.

Quick weekend trip to Boston.
• The window at RBC that lets in glorious light.
Dizzying view from the top of the Empire State Building.

• I met Cindy! (And Seth and Emma :))
• George Mendes in the kitchen at Aldea.
• I met Cleo!

• Stumbled upon this fantastic community garden back home in East Brunswick.
• Took the ferry to Staten Island for an out-of-this-world home cooked dinner at Rich's.
• Shot my first wedding alone! Standing on a chair here because I swear I'm too short to shoot weddings.

• First time at Hiro. It was surprisingly fun.
• Home sweet home for Thanksgiving weekend.
• Post-Thanksgiving means it's ok to put up Christmas lights!

• THE ultimate birthday meal.
• Cheesy (not literally made with cheese) Christmas cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery.
• Snowpocalypse. See below post.

Whew, that was exhausting! I can't even imagine how long it would have taken if I had gone through my entire digital photo archives of 2010.

Happy New Year and see you guys in 2011!!! I will probably be eating and drinking merrily when the clock strikes 12. It is only appropriate. :)


  1. Not surprised at how well you organized your pictures and the descriptions to along with it! :)

    Thanks for sharing Alice!

  2. this is so fun!!! you've inspired me to go thru my iphone archive and put together a collage like this. but thinking about how long it took you to do this, not sure if i'd have the patience, ha! we'll see =)

  3. what a fabulous post! i can only imagine how long it would take to go through the archives and put this together. well done you!

  4. what an awesome concept -- i loved reading this.

  5. seriously don't understand how someone can take such great pictures all the time.. even when she's only equipped with an iphone!

    looks like you had an amazing 2010!

    happy new year!!! :)

  6. Massive post! Loved reading this. Wish you and everyone here reading a great new year !

  7. Wow, this was fun to read through haha. I can see how this took so long for you to put together but it must have been fun to reflect on what happened over the past year. I think I might try and do the same but I might be too lazy :)

  8. What a great way to close out the year! Freakin' awesome, and can see it's been a whirlwind. May your 2011 be even more amazing!

  9. Alice, thanks a lot for this post and all your wonderful posts through the year. I really love to read and have a look at your great pictures.
    In May, we will come back to see New York again. I´m so much looking forward.
    Wish you a great "New Year"!
    Perhaps I take the idea of looking back on 2010 in iphone-pics for my blog. But that will take a lot of time. :o)
    Love from Germany!

  10. Happy New Year, Alice. I heart this concept to the bits! Neat and cozy. :)

  11. Great review for a year gone. :)
    Happy New Year!

  12. Love this recap! I should've done what you did and set a limit to how many photos I posted per month... maybe next year. :)

  13. beautiful photos, sounds like you had a good year :)

  14. What a great year in review! I really enjoyed this and your pics are so inspiring!

    Have a Happy New Year!

  15. What a great way to take a look back at your year Alice, I really enjoyed reading your blogposts and seeing the parts of New York that the "outsiders" normally never see.

    You've also managed to make me go back to NYC this spring for a long weekend of happy snapping :))

    All the best,

  16. Great year in review Alice :)
    Have a Happy New Year of 2011!

  17. This is a fantastic review, and a great post for me to read as a new reader.

    Have a happy new year!

  18. ★ ★ Lumière *. • best wishes˚ ˚ Paix•. ★ ★ Peace★ Joie *. °. ° * * ★ ★ • ˚Abondance ˚ ★ ★ New Beginnings˛ ˚ ˛ •

    Bonne et heureuse année 2011..!!

  19. You did such a great job on this post! Props to the time and effort spent choosing the photos + writing the descriptions + adding in links! I might have to steal the idea if I ever stop being lazy and start updating my blog! :P

    But anyways, happy new years! :]

  20. I love it!!.. Especially that awesome office view. I'd definitely kill for a work environment like that :)

    Happy New Years!!

  21. Impressive to go thru your iPhone shots for a year's worth of photos. I wouldn't even know where to begin I take so many with my phone. Well done! Happiest of New Years!

  22. what a fantastic post, my dear! i enjoyed every bit of it :) happy 2011!

    xo Alison

  23. this is so beautiful... your photography~ so gorgeous!

  24. this is a cool recap. now i'm reminded of my old film Mintola SLR... my first decent camera. then my sister started borrowing it and eventually broke it. not cool.

  25. I very like iPhone, especially iPhone 5s :)

  26. I think iPhone 6 is the best version of iPhone so far.

  27. Beautiful picture combination and nice activity :-)

  28. Thank you for this review. I hope you create a better review in the next time. Good luck! :D

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