Dec 7, 2010

Twenty three candles

Thank you to my readers who wished me a belated birthday in my last post - I should have mentioned that it's actually on the 8th, so you aren't late at all!

So now, on the eve of my birthday, it feels terribly appropriate to reflect on the past year a bit, especially as this last year contained the grand transition from student life to the glorious "real world." Many people make lists for what they hope to do in the next year. Lists do feel oddly appropriate on birthdays, don't they? I thought I'd make one for the past year instead. The below list is a bit random and covers both the ups and downs.

22 memorable things:

1) Created this blog which I am now pathetically attached to. :)
2) Graduated college, went through a stressful apartment search, and finally moved to NYC.
3) Realized I will NEVER have enough money for this city. (And that's okay, because nothing makes me happier than walking around taking photos of it and that is mostly free.)
4) Discovered the beauty of polaroids and film photography.
5) Met some amazing photographers. (I'm lookin' at you, Cindy and Seth!)
6) Worked in two very different industries and office environments.
7) Expanded my coffee palate by more than I thought possible.
8) Regrettably said goodbye to many good friends who are no longer a hop skip away. (Miss you guys tons.)
9) Had my wallet stolen under my watch.
10) Took a class on how to pull an espresso shot and steam milk properly.
11) Saw NYC from the top of the Empire State Building.
12) Consumed more tasting menus (and calories) than I can count.
13) Had more quarter-life crises than I can count.
14) Found my photo in a Yahoo Shine article.
15) Quadrupled my camera collection.
16) Had my heart broken.
17) Discovered my parents are actually pretty cool people.
18) Recognized by a flickr contact at a cafe.
19) Met JJ and have been having a blast.
20) Dreaded turning 23 and not being where I want to be in life. (Sounds ridiculous, I know.)
21) Ate macarons for the first time.
22) Lived, as much as I could.

I will make this year a good one. It does has some pretty big shoes to fill, though. :)


  1. Happy early birthday Alice! You definitely had a lot of memorable events. Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

  2. I love this honest list. It's such a great way to mark and celebrate your birthday. Enjoy your day and I look forward to seeing more of your adventures in the coming year.

  3. Hope you have a great birthday tomorrow, Alice!

    That shot is awesome.

  4. What a nice list! Reflections on a bday sounds just right. I hope you have a happy birthday tomorrow! :)

  5. When I was 23, I was dressed in green. And boots. All day. Almost every day.

    Here's to a Happy Birthday, and a much better year ahead.

  6. A proper-timed Happy Birthday Alice =) Have another good year with lots of falls into rabbit hole adventures ;)

  7. wonderful list, alice! esp the last one. you are wise beyond your years, and you are YOUNG! i didn't know how young you are til today =) treasure your 20s - i still think about those years and still a bit sad that i can never return to those years (and the fact that i don't learn as fast as i used to! =) happy birthday!

  8. I just stumbled across your blog... happy birthday!

  9. Hi there, I've been following your blog from flickr and at your age, I am inspired and amazed at your photographs you've been taking. Anyway, wanted to wish you Happy Birthday! 23, you've got a long way to go girl.

    Regards from,
    all the way in
    Borneo, Malaysia. =)

  10. happy birthday alice! you're blog is one of my favorites because you capture the beauty of everyday. hope your birthday was amazing.

    <3, gia

  11. happy, happy birthday!! it sounds like you've had a pretty amazing year. i'm sure the next will be even better!!

    and since i have a decade on you (eep! when did i get to be so old??), i will say that you have plenty of time to do what you want to do in life. ;)

  12. Happy Birthday Alice!!

    You inspire me to take photography to higher levels.

    I follow u on Flickr, but glad I stumbled across ur blog.

    love your list btw.

  13. Happy Birthday again! I will see you saturday.

    - I recognize the paper for your 23 :)

  14. fantastic list! i have a birthday coming up, and i'm definitely going to do the same.


    xo Alison

  15. That's a great list, Alice! I teared up at number 5. We feel blessed to have met you. I hope you have a terrific day.

    Since you didn't bring your camera, don't forget you have an iPhone. ;)


  16. Happy Birthday Alice! I hope today will be the first day of a better age. It is such a good thing to do to make a list reflecting on the past year. I should do something like that because anything happened before my 22nd was a blur.

    Have a blast on this very special day :-)!


  17. Happy belated Birthday!? It's 9th over here :o Looks like you have done quite a lot this year! Am always very inspired by your photos! Looking forward to see more of your amazing photos here :)

  18. I had macaroons for the first time this year too!! It must be a Dec. bday thing ;)

  19. Happy belated birthday Alice :D That is one great list... and I can totally see you on #12 lol, it seems all you do is eat amazing food and drink good wine...

  20. Totally belated, but a very Happy #23 to you Alice!
    I love lists (as per my own blog list post about lists) but on your bday is such a good idea to reminisce about the year (oppose to New Years Eve, I like this one much better!) It was a very good list and I hope you continue to have more macaroons in your future! :)

  21. I've really been enjoying reading your blog (backwards). You're young, refreshing, and genuine. When I came up on this humble and honest list, it made it so clear, why I've enjoyed reading about your everyday eating and photographing adventures. Thanks Alice!