May 21, 2010

Kaffe 1668

Nestled against the backdrop of towering and well, uncharming corporate buildings, Kaffe 1668 has become a daily saving grace. The pictures speak for themselves. :)

A while ago, the NY Times published a list of some of the best coffee shops in New York, Kaffe 1668 being among them. "In some ways, Kaffe 1668 is a neighborhood cafe; in other ways, it’s an orthodox coffee bar. For New Yorkers on the run, there are lattes in paper cups and jumbo cookies. But for the obsessed, there is drip coffee from a Clover machine, or seasonal single-origin espresso, which the baristas refuse to serve in a cappuccino because the milk would mask the flavor." Yeah, they are pretty serious about their coffee.

I've made it a mission to go to all of the cafes on that list. :)

iPhone snapshots.

Oh, and their cookie is everything I look for in a chocolate chip cookie. Half-baked in the inside, crispy edges, lots of melted chocolate chunks. One problem - it is almost TOO messy/gooey and you really need at least a couple of good sturdy napkins to get you through it. Yum.


  1. I have been there! and shared a cookie too!

  2. Oh - Kaffe is the Danish word for Coffee. Wonder how the name derived ?