May 20, 2010

Good things come from little cameras

Recently, I blew the dust off my little blue point & shoot camera and started packing it with me again. I had forgotten how much I loved that tiny thing. In good light, at least. Ever since I got my Digital SLR in the summer of 2008, I pretty much abandoned the point & shoot. It was only through my current job that I realized good things can come out of little cameras. And as I was lurking on more and more blogs, I came to a similar conclusion. Perhaps it is more so about how the pictures are stitched together to tell the story than the technical specs of the pictures. In that sense, I also realized that a lot of times, a picture on its own may really look like nothing, but when carefully and deliberately arranged with others, it becomes so much more. I remember being disappointed with my pictures from my China trip this past winter, but going back and arranging them to tell a story really helped me appreciate them.

The above pictures were haphazardly snapped with my iPhone as my dad drove down the Brooklyn Bridge. Nothing fancy here, but they remind me that photography is not always about toting around the best or most expensive equipment. A bit of a relief, no?

(On an unrelated note, writing eloquently is such a struggle these days. This is unacceptable. Bear with me. )


  1. There is a really good feel to these images. And a P&S is my "always with me" camera.

    Good luck with the blog.

  2. Hi!

    Before I read that these two pictures were taken with an iPhone, I seriously thought it was a film camera! I also hope I will get my old Zorki fixed soon and shoot more with my film camera, it's so worth it :-)

    Best of luck,

  3. How coincidental! I too came to the same conclusion recently and posted my P&S images from 2007 on my blog too. Made me want to get another P&S since my old one died. Gorgeous images here!

  4. So awesome! My kind of shots.

  5. I just started following your blog, it's fantastic. I love your photography story book. My favourite photographs are of the smokey buildings & the portraits. Nice work!

  6. Wow, that's interesting. Never thought of that.