May 19, 2010

Alice goes analog

Hello, blogging world. If I said I could count the number of times I forayed into blogging on one hand, I would be lying. (Two hands may even be cutting it close.) But, recently I've been doing so much lurking on other's blogs and being so passive about starting up again that it started to really get to me. I want a neat little space where I can share too. I kept holding myself back because I felt like there were so, so many fabulous and established blogs out there already, and I didn't know how I would make mine different. And maybe it won't really be all that different, but I will make it mine with my photos. That is perhaps the one thing I can really claim. I'm not saying it will even necessarily be good, but it will be mine. And as cliche as this sounds, it will give you a view of the world from my eyes.

So when I got my first round of film back from the photo lab, I felt I finally had a good reason to post. I hope you'll stick around and stay awhile. :)

The image above was taken in the West Village a few weekends ago. I didn't actually notice the men painting until I saw some other photographer pointing his camera upwards. I have this nosy habit of peeking to see what others are shooting, especially if it seems to be a random shot. For some reason, the men painting the movie poster just felt anachronistic. Everything else in NY seems to be on massive LCD screens after all.


  1. I totally know what you mean regarding blogging. Here's to sticking to it! (:

    Also: did they seriously paint that on the wall?? I thought it was just a huge poster they were sticking on!

  2. You've been marked under my Bookmarks. I am so glad you've created this blog because it is truly inspiration!

    PS: New York! I always wished I lived in the East Coast rather than the West Coast. It just seems so much more.. happening, hehe.

  3. Isn't that wall right down the street from the Impossible Project? The current painting is a black background with abstract swirly lines. It's quite compelling. I shot it on film a few weeks ago but don't have a scan to offer.

  4. Just stumbled across your blog! Going to go through it over the next few days. I'm located in NYC as well!

  5. Hi Alice!
    I just finished reading your blog from "today" to this very start. Yes, it took some time, but I REALLY enjoyed every single post. It is incredible to see how you evolved from this "Hello World, new blog!" to some kind of an iconic, well-known "institution" for wonderfull photos and stories of delicious sites, food and goodies to linger upon. ^_^

    I wish you all the best, including the most beautiful and interesting light in every single shot, unbreakable health to you and your beloved ones, nice, kind and inspiring people surrounding you, and a lovely kiss from your personal muse every day.