May 31, 2010

Scenes from a weekend

1. Obligatory Corona by pool shot
2. Big and little ripples
3. Stillness in the pool
4. Mini cupcakes with strawberry and mango innards
5. Sparse rose bush by our fence

1. Windowsill from outside
2. 3. 4. Roses picked from various bushes outside. (I've got thorn battle scars now.)
5. 6. First cherries I've had this season! Pretty but not as tasty as the dark red ones.

Sadly the long weekend is now over. But is it seriously June already?!? I'm getting closer to 23 than not. Scary and depressing to think about. ;P


  1. The photos of the cherries are my favorite :)

    I can't believe either that it's already June!

  2. Lovely set. Good vision, interesting thoughts.

    23? I've long forgotten 23. So much talent, so much life in front of you. Wishing you a good one.

  3. beautiful! i really love the very last photo.

    xo Alison

  4. beautiful set! clean and simple. love the 2nd one with the small & large ripple.

  5. I really like the cherries against the polka dotted dress. The polka dots as bokeh looks very cool. Also, that's the same color combination (unless I'm mistaken because I'm colorblind) as one of your previous posts where they were in the cyan cartons :). Good eye!