Apr 1, 2014


Pardon the lame update with photos I've already posted on my Instagram. I've been really bad about shooting personal work recently and have been slacking on the blog front. Good projects are in the works though!

I'm happy to have a print up for auction in Sang An's annual art auction to raise money for AIDS/LifeCycle. There is some beautiful work on his auction site, and it's a great opportunity to outfit your home with artwork, while getting a tax deduction :P. I am eyeing this one in particular myself.

A piece I shot for the WSJ Magazine is out this weekend. It was quite a treat to work with stylist Jocelyne Beaudoin, shooting artful piles of beautiful objects. Pretty much a dream assignment.

I'm leaving for Milan tonight, and it will be my first time in Italy. Mostly pleasure, tiny bit of business. In my usual fashion, I haven't planned a thing (except a visit to the flagship Gianvito Rossi shop...). So I'd love to hear any recommendations if anyone has them.

And if you missed it, I did a little "Day in the Life" feature for Design Sponge. It sounds like a pretty glorious day (and that particular day was), but trust me, it's not representative of my every day!


  1. So many lovely things happening for you Alice!! LOVED the WSJ article: so much beauty to stare at. Oh my, get ready to fall in love with Italy. I've traveled around Rome, Florence and all over Tuscany. Vinci is particularly special and gorgeous. I vow I will live there someday...

  2. Wow, congrats on the WSJ print and the feature. Of course, I really can't wait to see your photos of Italy. I'd love to see it through your lens :)

  3. That Adrian Mueller print is gorgeous!

    At the risk of sounding like a total stalker, I'm a big fan of your way of looking; I'm really excited to see the photos you'll make from Italy (especially since I'm in the midst of planning a trip there later this year myself!) :) have a great trip!

    Jo x

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  5. I caught your "Day in the Life" feature and loved it! Have fun in Italy! Can't wait to see what amazing photos you end up coming home with!

  6. gorgeous "Day in the Life" feature, have fun on your trip & I live the first image & the image in it :)

  7. Hi Alice, I've got a few places bookmarked for a visit to Milan (I bookmark so many travel recommendations. it's a problem.). I haven't been to any of them but they all seem to look great!
    Have a great trip!

  8. Gianvito Rossi is indeed a great choice, I can totally see you wear them. Have a great time in Europe! Looking forward to more amazing photos<3


  9. Have a great time in Milan!


  10. "Mostly pleasure, tiny bit of business" PERFECT COMBO. Have fun in Milano. Can't wait to see photos after you return.

  11. These are stunning. Amazing your work will be raising money for such an important cause.