Mar 23, 2014

Kalita Wave Series

After J broke our Hario V60 Range Server for the second time, he decided to look into other options for our morning coffee routine. Enter, the Kalita Wave series. Now, our new system is not exactly unbreakable, but it's nice to change it up once in a while. (See my post from a few months ago on the coffee gear I use every day.)

I've been enjoying working out the kinks of the new system. We started with the small dripper but realized it was a little too small for two people, especially on a groggy Monday morning. The nice thing about the little guy is that it really forces you to pulse your pours, instead of dumping a heap of water onto your grounds at once. We ended up getting the larger dripper, which suits us much better. The Kalita server is also quite pretty, I think. Overall, the system looks a bit more sleek and modern than the V60.

We've also recently been getting our beans from Papa Lin's. They offer some truly special beans (you might get sticker shock from some of them), and they genuinely care about their products. They roast to order and ship the next day, and then follow up with you to see how you liked the beans and roast.

P.S. A great video on the system at work. (Though I don't personally use such a high ratio of beans to water!)


  1. So exquisite. I actually prefer the look of this Kalita than to the Hario V60 Range Server! Lovely light too :)

  2. love it! I just bookmarked all of it on my wishlist!

  3. Cool new routine. Really enjoyed the pictures<3

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  4. I love how crazy obsessed with coffee you guys are.

  5. These are so cute. I have seen similar ones at a cute little independent coffee shop near where I used to work. I may pop in there and get one.