Apr 18, 2014

'Tis the season

For peonies that is. So excited my favorite flowers are back (not that you can't get them at the flower market during the winter, but the varieties that are available during the proper season are what get me excited).

Just some naturey crap to kick off your weekend. If you've ever wondered where that tag came from, it's actually from the good old flickr days. I used to contribute all of my flower photos to the "Naturey Crap" group feed, so that kind of stuck with me. One of these is SLR and one was shot by iPhone. It's pretty obvious in this set which is which!


  1. I wish you still used Flickr!

  2. So beautiful ! And I love your photography-style. wow.

    xoxo Maria


  3. I took a photo of my peony buds today, only to see a big old ant already on one of them. I think they like the nectar?

  4. Absolutely love these! Have a great weekend.

  5. Very punchy colors. It's the opposite season here in Melbourne. The peony season has already come and gone (still not used to it)