Feb 3, 2012

Spot of color

It's coming. Ranunculus season, that is. Some gorgeous bright orange/red ones showed up at our local florist the other day. They are adding a nice spot of color to our otherwise monochromatic bedroom.

For those who wondered where the duvet is from, it was once from West Elm but I don't think they carry this specific print any more. The bed is from Crate and Barrel, and the print from hands artshop. And of course, Teddeh quite enjoys these cameos.

Happy weekend!


  1. Your room is lovely. It's easier when it's monochromatic, then you can come in and change up the splash of color from time to time with more temporary things like flowers. Where's your kitteh? Does he not like to lounge on the bed?

  2. i love ranunculus. colours are just too pretty. hah love the spot of colour in this little corner.

  3. Teddeh steals the show! I'm a big fan of grey with the occasional pop of color- beautiful!