Jan 11, 2012

Back forty

I can't believe I've never blogged about Back Forty here - it's one of our usual haunts and I have recently been obsessing over one particular brunch dish (and want to eat it ALL THE TIME). It's a hearty quinoa with two poached eggs. Braised forest mushrooms and roasted butternut squash in the quinoa really make this one of my favorite brunch dishes of all time.

We were extra gluttonous the most recent time and got ourselves an order of three doughnuts. Why three? Well it's $2 for one or $5 for three. So we're suckers. Also they are usually super fresh and warm, and kinda a nice mix between cakey doughnut texture and yeasty doughnut textures.

Also pictured is J's order of fried squid sandwich, served with a nice spicy remoulade. So this quinoa dish may not be the most photogenic, but damn it really hits all the right spots for me in terms of what I want for brunch.

These two were taken from another weekend with the iPhone. Safe to say I'll be ordering this dish at least a third time, so long as they keep it on the menu!

Another great thing about Back Forty is that we've never had to wait for a seat during brunch. Knock on wood.


  1. mmm... those donuts look heavenly!

  2. Love! That squid sandwich looks amazing! :)

  3. A friend of mine was just raving about quinoa. Seeing yours really make my mouth water. I'll hit up on recipe books and see if I could find something similar.

  4. yum, those donuts look awesome. & your brunch sounds delicious :)

  5. you're making me want brunch reaaaaaally badly.

  6. just came across your blog & am so happy i did :) love these brunch shots. it's such a lovely time of day!