Jan 12, 2012

Little bits of buvette

While at Buvette yesterday waiting for our amazing vegetable spread for Serious Eats, I took these from where we sat. Buvette is such an adorable little gem in the West Village. I've had lunch there only once but it'd be like the perfect place to take a mom or have a really leisurely solo lunch/breakfast. Their menu is rooted in good old classic dishes.

That little blue book is their wine menu. Insanely cute right? And of course, the perfectly distressed wood tables... I guess it goes without saying that I am a FAN.


  1. DAMN i love this processing. is it VSCO? i got it but am still trying to tweak it so.

    also, how cute is that menu? ack. you know all the best places to go to.

  2. you are sooo lucky to live in ny! i love all that gorgeous places you show us...

    that vintage style is so lovely!

    have a nice day

  3. I'm so envious that you live so close to such a variety of eateries. For now, I'll just have to live vicariously through you.

  4. in awe of that wine menu - gorgeous!

  5. Fantastic detail shots; great eye!