Jun 28, 2011

It was unavoidable...

Well, folks, I finally bit the bullet and started me a facebook page. Groan. I was avoiding it for the longest time because I'm not really sure what my strategy is for it (and I really like twitter), but for now, I'm hoping to use it as a quick way to interact with others and share news, especially with those not on twitter. If you would kindly "like" me to keep updated as I work out the kinks of my page, I'd be very grateful!

I was also feeling very meh about the two potential blog posts I could have posted today, so this is my lackluster update until I can create better content. It's just been one of those uninspired days. Well, if anything can snap me out of this, it'll be the week+ long trip to Hawaii in T-minus 42 hours... :)


  1. you're going to hawaii?! SO JELLY. :D

  2. HAWAII?! Can I say JEALOUS!!! Have a great time & good luck with your facebook page. :)

  3. i just moved from hawaii... have fun! :)

  4. Alice,

    Congratulatons on your Facebook page and also portfolio. You are indeed an exceptional photographer. You are an inspiration to many and keep it up. Kudos to you. :)

    Greetings from Borneo! x

  5. All I can say is "good luck!"
    It's one corner of the internet that I am yet to venture. :P

  6. congrats! and have lots o' fun on your trip! (weren't you just looking for tix like last week? dang, cutting it close! hehe)