Jun 3, 2011

Hello, friday

Summer Fridays are a pretty glorious thing (we get to leave at 12:30), especially when the weather is as nice as it is today. I was able to have a nice lunch at Kaffe 1668 and then I swung by Buffalo Exchange (my go-to used clothing/accessories store) where I swooped up this little gem of a bangle seen below. Still selling for $72 at Rachel Leigh, it was mine for just $20 at Buffalo - or rather, "free" with the ridiculous amount of store credit I have there from selling my clothes to them. Hooray. :)

These new books will keep me happy for quite some time as well. I am starting with Plate to Pixel which is written by the amazing Helene of Tartelette. I even read the chapter on camera basics because it was interesting to see it in the context of food photography specifically. I can't wait to try to apply some of the techniques detailed in the book!

How terribly cute is this little giraffe accessory holder? After one too many missing rings from haphazardly leaving them around the apartment, it was about time to get one of these.

Thanks for the comments and empathy about my bokeh addiction in the last post. I'll see what I can do the next few times I'm doing some personal shooting but I just don't know if I can pull off a shot at f/22 heh. Oof!

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. I love these shots :) really cute accessories and lovely coffee table books!

  2. what, you get half days on fridays in the summer? man that sounds SO nice. i've been thinking about getting pixel to plate (did you get jose villa's book?) -- let us know what you think of it!

  3. I love love Buffalo Exchange! That's a great bracelet, too.

  4. I got Helene's book last week :) its a good one, maybe you will lend me miss Leibowitz after your done? x

  5. Tartelette is my favorite food blogger :D haha never really thought of purchasing her book.. is it really that interesting?

  6. I have those same two top books! I've read the Annie Leibovitz book all ready & currently reading Helene's Plate to Pixel which is very inspiring and super approachable in the way she writes. Enjoy your reads!

    Also, I'm planning a trip to NYC for my birthday in July and I think I'll have to add that Buffalo Exchange store to my list ... along with some of your coffee shop recommendations as well!

    Happy weekend!

  7. I've been wanting to go to the Buffalo Exchange in Dallas for awhile now! Your purchase just encourages me to go even more! That was a steal! It's so pretty! ;)