Apr 24, 2011

Today's instant gratifications

I was super excited to find peonies this weekend, as they are my favorites after ranunculus season dies down. The lovely Sunny's Florist had a stock of them from France and Sunny ensured us these were the "most beautiful blooms" she had seen. Well, these beauties were literally golf-sized buds when we took them home on Saturday afternoon and I was a tad worried if they'd even bloom at all under my not-so-green thumb (especially at $9 a stem!). Barely an hour later, I noticed one of them opening up and I could have sworn it was speedily blooming as I watched it. It was almost frightening.

And this is what all three of them looked like by this morning -

Stunning, aren't they? Even with this long-ago expired polaroid film.

These petals are just perfection. I'm sure I'll get around to posting some digital shots so you can see just how pretty the shade of dark pink they are.

Now, for some tales of a real photobooth. Jimmy and I were relaxing at the Ace Hotel lobby after picking up Stumptown beans when I noticed a good ol' photobooth in there. I couldn't not check it out. The booth barely fit the two of us and we had no idea what we were supposed to do. Suddenly the flash started going off and we were complete deer caught in headlights. The three other shots that ensued were no better. After the flashes died down, we waited outside the booth for what seemed like an eternity before it ejected a little strip of four pictures. Here's the first one below... (also, J's face revealed hah.)

Could we look any more confused?

We'll be better prepared next time we hit the photobooth. :)


  1. =) Finally we can put a face to the immaculately dressed gentleman. You guys look cute. The photo looks like one of those picture we might find in our parents' treasure boxes.

  2. LOL, I could see how it'd be kind of creepy watching a flower bloom before your eyes, like it's becoming cognizant or something. :)

    Cute photobooth photo! Whenever we do them, the first shot is always like that. The rest are of us talking about how we should pose. Ha!

  3. so nice to finally "meet" J! you guys do have that funny confused look here :)

    yes, i too was shocked at how fast peonies bloom! the shooting window is short, unfortunately. well, the good thing was that trader joe's had an amazing deal on peonies - maybe they'll have 'em this year too.

  4. gorgeous polaroids & love the photo-booth shot XD

  5. So nice to finally meet Jimmy!

    And love the peonies - gorgeous~ (makes me miss polaroid film)

  6. Great post! Love the expired polaroid & who doesn't love a photo booth! So retro & fun! Great expressions! ;) Nice to put a face to J too!

  7. I love this post! the peonies are beauuutiful

  8. ahh peonies. always and forever my favorite. also, your photo booth story made me laugh, as I'm sure the same thing would happen if I stepped inside.

  9. Beautiful peonies! Your photos are great!

  10. Peonies are such pretty flowers, beautiful polaroids!
    And the photo booth shot is too fun :)