Apr 17, 2011

A real live behind the scenes

As you may have gathered, Jimmy's the one behind the behind the scenes posts I do, and this past weekend, he sneakily took a few videos of me shooting. I had no idea (usually I'm too engrossed in focusing/getting the exposure right)! So here you are getting a totally unstaged (albeit unexciting) and candid peek behind the scenes. I hastily compiled a few clips below in iMovie - do they not have better fonts?? Please excuse the cheesy font choice. If you click to the video page, you can view it in glorious HD.

It's only fair to share a few of the results from this shoot. These two below were the exact ones you hear in the video from the two shutter clicks. I used the lovely Portra 400NC. I was a bit meh about those two but my absolute favorite from that set is available on Etsy at a special price. :) Oh, and one more that would be lovely for your mum. And now I know if I ever need to blow through a roll of film in under five minutes, I just need a pretty bouquet... dammit, gets me every time!

Here is a sampling from the iPhone shots:

Mom, I was very much still paying attention, ok? ;)

I have a lot more film I want to share from this developing round! Stay tuned.


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  2. Dear Alice,

    you are seriously my favorite Flickr contact and blogspot blogger :)

    After months and months of checking out this blog, I've decided to comment-- so yeah :D

  3. you are so sweet I can see you love photography!!!

  4. I love the behind the scenes vid. It's nice to see how photographers are in while they shoot!
    The bouquet shots are beautiful. Even the space you were shooting at looked cool! You even got great photos on the iPhone. Is your Instagram name the same as your blog name? Anywhoo, great post as always!
    --Ciara ':D

  5. That's awesome!! And very familiar! I love that you can see you process when composing with the iPhone shots.

  6. Yay, Jimmy! You rock, dude!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. haa. that is so cool. Nice to see you in action

  8. It's always so interesting to see behind the scenes footage! Very cool! Also love the colour of your mani too!

  9. so jealous of that windowsill :) loved all of these!

  10. Oh yay, more of these videos please!

    Too funny by the way...I'm no professional, but our still life shooting process is quite similar (move over one inch, lean down, adjust focus, repeat, etc.

  11. I love how you incorporate the photo-taking process on your blog~ I love the behind the scenes video - and the click of the shutter on the contax? delightful!

  12. i just love this video!
    and an etsy shop?! you know you are tempting me, right?! lol