Feb 22, 2011

Millesime + a very mouthfuls bite club

Millesime has been on my to-blog list since the actual dinner on February 10th, so I needed to get that out of the way before I start on Portland pictures. Aside from the 45 minute+ wait on that Thursday night, it was a mostly pleasant experience. JJ and I split the market fish of the day (wild striped bass) and it was perhaps a bit overcooked and uninteresting, but everything else was pretty tasty. I'm still a bit numbed from seafood over the weekend, so I don't really remember much else about this meal. One of the desserts was swimming in too much booze for my taste.

I thought I'd mix up the collage format a bit to make it more distinctive.

Below: one of the bar areas.

The second part of this post highlights the much anticipated Mouthfuls bite club dinner event. As usual, it was decadence upon decadence and wine flowed freely. Since it is a bit hard to make out the nicely plated dishes, you can view a full image here. Rather entertaining company (more so than usual) too. :)

Below: wine aplenty!


  1. you show enough jealous to get me curious...

  2. I like these photo collages, that's a really interesting way to frame a meal!

  3. Interesting presentation. Piques the visual palate, makes you want more.

    Ah, the place with the stem-less glasses. Like the low perspective in the last frame.

  4. oh, i really like those candid b&w ones.

  5. The new collage format is lovely. Very intriguing, like sneak peeks. Reminds me a Tumblr design I like.