Feb 1, 2011


I had been super excited to get my last two rolls of the new Portra 400 back, and I even braved extra horrible crappy-weather-rush-hour commute traffic to make a detour to the photo lab. My mood took a downhill turn when I realized the poor EOS 3 must've taken a little beating during the same fall where the nifty fifty kicked the bucket. Everything seemed ever so slightly out of focus, and it was especially noticeable in closer up shots. Or if parts were in focus, it wasn't what I had intended the focus to be on. Moreover, the parts that were in focus were also much less sharp than I know the camera is capable of. Major major bummer. :(

This bike shot is from the last roll, taken in Freeman alley. This is one where it isn't super obvious the focus is off. I'm also not sure how I feel about the new film. From just the results from these two rolls, I think I prefer the 400NC, but I think I will shoot off the last rolls I have in my Minolta (which should still be in tip-top shape I hope!) so I can at least have clear shots to judge from.

Ah, glum is me. I really loved that camera.


  1. such a bummer! it might be possible to get it fixed, no? and after all i hear about these film cameras being able to take a beating...

  2. Awww, that is so sad! :( I'm sorry to hear this, I know if one of my film SLRs kicked the bucket I'd be way glum too. But, look at the bright side, at least it won't be nearly as expensive to replace than if your DSLR had taken the hit!

    @Jacqueline, film cameras really can take a beating but a lot of newer models (and especially Canon EOS bodies) are made of plastic or aluminum. Older SLRs that are mostly metal are total BAMFs! :P

  3. That's terrible! Film SLRs aren't so expensive these days, maybe you could pick up another one?

  4. oh no! it sounds bad! have you tried to bring it to adorama? they might be able to check the lens and..who knows, do some magic with it!

  5. Oh no... that sounds bad :( Hopefully your camera wasn't too badly effected by the fall... the bike shot is still really cool :)

  6. Alice! I found your blog/flickr a little while ago and am very inspired by your shots :)

    I'm sorry to hear about your SLR! :/ Maybe something happened to the lens, and that's why things seem a bit off?