Jul 7, 2010

Tuesdays with Eddie

It just happened that last Tuesday, my friend Eddie came over for some imbibing, and this Tuesday again. He joked it was like "Tuesdays with Alice" now, so maybe we'll keep this up, at least as a nod to Mitch Albom. Anyway, this guy is way more domestic than I am and brought over some cream cheese pound cake that he had recently made (trying to fatten me up even more it seems). He was going to make a lemon curd to top it off and we made do with the utensils I had in my sparse and sad kitchen.

He pretty much did all the maneuvering in the kitchen, and I just took pictures. See?

Oh yeah, it was delicious. :D Thanks, Eddie!


  1. this looks really good! :) but similarly to you i'm usually just watching to what's made in the kitchen rather than doing it myself :D haha but sometimes i try to cook something :)

    anyway, i really like your blog. it's awesome!

  2. Fresh lemon curd? Something I have to try again; does your friend supply recipes?

    Good job doing your part. I will just be envious about the lemon curd.