Jul 26, 2010

Scenes from a weekend (viii)

When I just barely recovered from the epic Friday night food/wine coma, I kicked off Saturday with...more eating obviously, beginning with dim sum at Golden Unicorn. I am horrible at ordering dim sum actually; it is always handy to have a Cantonese speaking friend to go with. Took the cliche route from there and chased down some bubble tea from Ten Ren. A nutella mint cupcake later, we ended up at Hummus in the West Village. I can't remember how many times I've passed this place and wanted to try.

Warm, fluffy pita with these hummus dips was perfect. And of course, my preoccupation with cafe chairs/tables and afternoon light has me snapping away.

Saturday was probably the worst, muggiest day to be walking around, so Alicia and I ducked into anotheroom in Tribeca and began Saturday night way too early. Wandered to Bar 89 in Soho where we consumed dinner #2 (sadly so normal for us!). Grannied up for the rest of the night in preparation for Sunday brunch.

Back to the West Village for a real French brunch. Another tiny place (slightly bigger than Tartine though) with little elbow room. Amazing Croque Madames with bread toasted to perfection. Also, crazy cappuccino foam, hello!

I was so excited to take Polaroids of people, instead of my usual subjects. Thanks to my friends for being great models. :)

And finally, watching the storm pass from the dry shelter of Filene's Basement in Union Square. I think I would love to live around Union Square if I could ever afford it!


  1. I look and point when it comes to dim sum. Hmm that's about how I get by in most Chinese restaurants actually. I know the Mandarin names of my favorite dishes but that's about it.

    That brunch looks unbelievable. And nutella cupcake? I finished a jar of nutella embarrassingly quickly... I'm hooked!

  2. Your polaroids of your friends in the collage style are so fresh & fun looking! Definitely the next Bloomingdale's ad! :p