Jul 14, 2010


Stella in the South Street Seaport. Came here randomly as I always walk by and the decor is pretty inviting. Stella is not so stellar in terms of service and food, but I was glad I to finally check off another Seaport restaurant. Definitely are some better gems in that area. I also emerged with a dozen mosquito welts the size of Asia on my right leg (which not so coincidentally happens to be my larger calf), and 3-4 on my left. Guess they had enough to gorge on and didn't make it over to the left. Thank god for Cortizone. Naturally my dining companion didn't get bitten once. Seriously?!


  1. Your calves are different sizes?

  2. Yes, noticeably so. It is embarrassing :P

  3. you already know i really like your blog and photos. but tell me, please, where do you make your collages?