Jul 6, 2010

Scenes from a weekend (v, part ii)

1) Central Park on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Would love to get a tilt-shift lens for a scene like this!

2) Friday night's dinner at Pocha 32 (cool interior, eh?) in Koreatown. A friend and I tried to finish one of their casserole dishes (Spicy beef stew with octopus) in vain. So much food. In our defense, we also got an appetizer and the watermelon soju. And our third eating companion doesn't eat spicy food. Ahem.

3) Some lovely evening light at Pho Pasteur. That was some TASTY pho, and it's always nice to return to Chinatown after a while because I always get sticker shock. How is it so cheap?! Makes me want to order half the menu.

4) Ah yes, you know about my preoccupation with Le Pain Quotidien table/chairs. ;) This was also in Central Park.

Today is worse than a sauna. I am debating whether to brave the heat and get lunch myself or order in and deal with the guilt of sending a poor old delivery man into this misery. I think my conscience will win over this time.

1 comment :

  1. That is the coolest ceiling I've seen- I would love to completely fill it with fairy lights (LED light?).

    I get reverse sticker shock come Monday- I become used to cheap food on Saturdays and then boom the week arrives and a return to $5 cupcakes. My wallet cries. But your food pictures are inspiring me to try some new things (again, my wallet eyes you unhappily). I found the wafels and dinges truck on sunday, it was amazing!!