Dec 17, 2015

Light and shadow

When you get a super last-minute, rare chance to borrow a Cartier diamond bracelet from the √Čtourdissant collection to photograph, you call up your favorite hand model and try your best to capture the magic and allure of it. Of course, nothing beats seeing and touching the beauty in person. I think I'm still a bit mesmerized by that piece.


  1. That's absolutely stunning. What a wonderful thing to be able to photograph!

    Laura |

  2. Gorgeous!! I am sure its out of my price range but that doesn't stop me from dreaming of buying one some day.

  3. Absolutely love the use of light and shadow in these photos! Your work is amazing.

    Isabel Marcelo

  4. Wow, I am mesmerized as well! This piece can drive crazy any woman simply looking at it!

  5. You totally killed it with black and white x

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