Dec 9, 2015

Ferragamo Signature

Timing is everything, isn’t it? I was browsing the Liberty store in London when I got a ping from Shini asking if I would happen to be available to cover for a shoot that very day because she was sick as a dog. Sure I only had my Sony and one not-quite-fully-charged battery with me, but I was up for the challenge and grateful for the chance to do some work while traveling on vacation. The plan was to show up at a film set for Salvatore Ferragamo and capture some behind the scenes. Cool, great, let’s do it.

That short film was just released yesterday at an event that represented the culmination of Ferragamo’s 100 Years 100 Days digital cycle, which highlighted the anniversary of Salvatore Ferragamo’s arrival in Hollywood and the beginning of his love affair with cinema. The inspiration behind the film was to showcase all that has changed and all that has remained constant in the world of cinema, Hollywood, and Salvatore Ferragamo, while also highlighting the House's debut Signature eyewear and timepiece collections with the Gancio (the iconic signature House emblem). The two stars, Elettra Wiedemann and Ethan Peck, are respectively the grandchildren of Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck (I mean, wow). The film shows that what has changed is that we’ve all become the directors and stars of our own movies in the world of social media, but what has remained constant are the beauty, attraction, and relationship tensions that fill these stories.

I always love seeing how things (particularly photos and movies) are made, especially to geek out over the technical aspects. Some may think it takes the magic out of the experience of the final product, but to me, it actually enhances it. In this particular scene/angle, we follow a frozen moment in time during the climax of the film.

(P.S. I also took a little video of the action if you're interested!)


  1. Is everyone starting to make short films as ads? I saw a series from Kate Spade. I just discovered Karl Lagerfield fields over the last few years for chanel. I saw a really cute film from Tory Burch. I am really enjoying them. I hope they keep making these films.


  2. Ah, what a dream. Everything, every picture, every

  3. Short films are the new commercial ad. The shoes!!!

  4. Love this! I think you are going to love the new digital fashion calendar super artistic!

  5. Great work Alice, and I completely agree, timing is one big thing for sure :)