Oct 14, 2015

Tricking proportions

You've all probably heard me bemoan my proportions here (looonnnng torso, short legs), and I hate to beat a dead horse but now that I really recognize my proportions, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to trick the eye. While in Paris, I was on a mission to find a suitable outfit for the La Mer Celebration of an Icon event that I knew I'd be attending in LA. I didn't love the idea of getting a fancy dress because we all know the cost per wear on those ends up being terrible. I ideally wanted to find separates that I could make work for all sorts of other events, no matter the formality.

After a stressful morning (pre-flight back to NY and I almost made us late to the airport) trying to track down the right pieces, I came home with these high-waisted Valentino culottes and Stella McCartney bustier top (and wow, are prices way higher in the US than in Europe – yikes). I also picked up these Jimmy Choo pumps while in Paris knowing I'd get decent wear out of them. I can't wear high heels for shit, so if they are going to be 4 inches and up, they really need to be a chunkier heel for me to feel steady. Thanks to Rent the Runway, I borrowed this killer Anya Hindmarch clutch (I dig everything she does) and Alexis Bittar necklace.

To recreate this look for way less, I really love these culottes from James Jeans (and you can take advantage of Shopbop's 25% off Friends & Family sale, which ends on 10/15!). And if you happen to be a size 8, this corset/bustier top is lovely and on sale. This secondhand option would be very chic as well. For shoes, I've been very curious about the M.Gemi products after seeing a number of styles I've admired and then sell out immediately. Though this heel is lower, this pair has a somewhat similar feel with the ankle strap. I think I also just appreciate all the photos/design/art direction on the site.

I also wanted to call out a new beauty favorite of mine. After Min Min used it on me, I wanted to track it down immediately. It's this Charlotte Tilbury Powder and it literally feels I'm airbrushing my face when it goes on. I have no idea what magic is in it, but damn, it's good. I actually didn't have the product on me when I came to LA, so I made a mad dash to the Nordstrom at the Grove to pick one up before the event (you can read some more reviews on the product on their page here). On my lips, I'm wearing Lipstick Queen's Velvet Rope series in Brat Pack (did I mention I'm a sucker for amazing packaging...). Hoping to do an updated hair/skincare/beauty favorites soon!


  1. Alice, you look absolutely stunning!!! Great choice on the outfit :]

  2. Love your shoes, and of course the Anya is divine

    Lovely outfit

    Charlotte xx

  3. Gorgeous outfit! I have the same proportions as you (long torso, short legs - whereas my sister inherited long legs, damn her, haha!), and love this look too. There is a gorgeous jumpsuit by Vale Denim that is an all-in-one version of this outfit for me that I love. Hope you are well! xx Clarice

  4. What a classic look! Your accessories are great.

    A DIY Blog 

  5. i like that you didn't go with a dress. the culottes are an interesting idea but i absolutely LOVE those shoes. great outfit - looks like the la mer event was lots of fun.


  6. You look so great in those culottes and that top works so well with them.

    xoxoBella | http://xoxobella.com

  7. Hi Alice, which shade of Charlotte Tilbury powder did you use - fair, medium or dark? Great outfit, very classy and elegant :-)

  8. The tricks are obviously working. You look great in the photos

    (from mrswoo)

  9. Beautiful!
    Where did you get the bracelet if you don't mind me asking

  10. Seriously, who would ever deny wanting longer legs? This is a really simple and chic look, and the high waist illusion definitely makes you look a lot taller. I love the statement necklace, but the minimal jewelry in general. Plus the heels are gorgeous! Stunning!
    xx Melody :: http://www.mlmuse.com

  11. Ah I love this outfit and you look great in this pairing.

    Presumably what you said about your proportions weren't overly critical, you're really good at balancing out your figure :)


  12. Looking amazing honey, well done!!