Oct 16, 2015

Everlane Room Service

Has anyone else been having shoe sizing issues recently, or is it just me? It seems that sizing between brands has become less and less consistent and suddenly I can wear a 35 in one brand and a 37 in another, and still everything in between (what gives??). If I could, of course, try every shoe that I want on in person, that would be ideal. Now I rarely order shoes online without having tried on the shoe first (because I still find exchanging/returning to be a pain in the ass). 

On that note, I’m excited to help one of my favorite brands (Everlane, that is – if the title of this post didn't give it away) announce their new initiative titled “Room Service.” They’re about to set up in hotel suites in four cities over the next few weeks and allow you to try on their four fall shoe styles in person. You can reserve a 30-minute appointment here for Manhattan and here for Brooklyn. (These are early access links by the way! ;)) They'll be setting up shop in SF and LA hotels as well. If you do purchase in person, you’ll receive a gift bag, free 1-hour delivery in Manhattan and free expedited shipping for Brooklyn. And knowing my friends at Everlane, it’ll be the most enjoyable try-on experience you’ll have in a while. I mean, there will be cocktails! Try on shoes, mingle, and have drinks — that sounds like my kind of fun. And no more guessing what shoe size you'd be.

Shown here is the Modern Point. (If you don’t happen to live in or plan on visiting those four cities, and are interested in this style, I’d recommend going up half a size!)

Photographed at Hotel Covell.


  1. The photography style here is amazing, and has quite a vintage vibe. The shoes are an absolute beaut, and go well with your rolled up jeans. It seems like very versatile flats with a touch of chic. Gorgeous!
    xx Melody :: http://www.mlmuse.com

  2. This is such a good idea! And yes, I have been having trouble with shoe sizes, it's a nightmare! It's hard enough knowing what size jeans to buy with sizes differing in different stores, without now having to worry about my shoe size moving around!

    Charlotte xx

  3. Like the first picture :)
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    Maria V.

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