Sep 17, 2012


What a treat it was to work with Grace of Pink Olive on her newest venture - OliveBox, which just launched today. It is a monthly subscription service packed with paper goods and products ranging from beautifully packaged soap to greeting cards to books. For the website, I shot some lovely paper products in a variety of settings to highlight their uses in our daily lives.

Thanks to Nicole for lending a hand here ;).

The teaser box that was sent out pre-launch.

See the rest of the images on the OliveBox website.


  1. These are such a good idea! Off to check the website now. So cute. Love these photos (as always)!

  2. Great photos and styling! I'm super intrigued about OliveBox now :)

  3. I love paper goods. these photos are so lovely, they make me crave some new stationary. I'm off to check out Pink Olive and daydream...

  4. Yay, love the photos, Alice! And thank you for introducing me to the store as well! :)