Sep 4, 2012

His and hers (sorta)

Why hello there, little blog that I've abandoned for too long. I got back this morning after a rough night on the red eye. I will just never be able to sleep on planes. Our trip to the Napa area was really lovely - I actually didn't take many photos (mostly because it was too sunny, hah). Most of our time was spent enjoying the wide open roads, the golden hills, copious amounts of wine, a mud bath spa treatment (a veeeery new experience for all of us), and killer sunsets.

J and I spent the first day or so visiting his family in the bay area. We happened to take a few photos of each other, and it's been ages since the last his and hers outfit post, so why not? It looks like we both could use a haircut... ;P

Outfit details: Jacket - Zara // Shoes - J. Crew // Dress - Madewell // Bag - Goyard
On J: Shirt - J. Crew // Pants - J. Crew // Shoes - Clark's // Bag - c/o Kelly Moore (more on this camera bag later!)

The last photo is from the same day, but I had to add a trench coat - I was still freezing in it! I forgot how rapidly temperatures dropped in the evening. Though I will take bay area California weather over summer in NY any day.


  1. In the first photo, how are you able to get the whole body in focus while still having amazing depth of field? It's something I have yet to master.

    1. You can try using a longer lens to achieve that effect (an 85mm for example). Here, it's the 50mm at f2.0 and it was taken decently close to the subject, which also helps to get shallower depth of field.

  2. Beautiful pictures Alice, Lovely outfit. Keep posting :)

  3. that last shot is such a bay area shot. reminds me of the south bay.

  4. I absolutely love the last shot, Alice!

  5. Love your style. Beautiful shots!

  6. You know Alice, you're not only a fantastic photographer but a very well dressed one at that. You need to post more modeling shots because I just adore how you put together your outfits. A friend of mine has asked me to take their wedding photos as a favor. Am horrible at it but I'll be checking your old posts for inspiration.

  7. I hope you guys are having a good time!
    Greetings from Italy.

  8. you need to grace this blog with your presence more often. you look lovely and i'm a little envious of the cooler temperatures that you got to experience for a few days. cannot wait to wear my little collection of dresses with some of my favorite jackets.


  9. That ombre sky is UNREAL. Like beyond case you were unclear. Haha. Love the shot of you capturing it on iPhone. You look flawless as always :)