May 30, 2012


We are back. What a blur of days. And I'm failing in trying to find the words to describe the experience, but what sticks out in memory are the crazy long days and late sunsets, the smell of bread in our Airbnb apartment in the mornings from the bakery below, and the fresh baguettes sticking out of everyone's tote bags (I always imagined this to be true, and I'm happy to report that it is!). We barely dipped our toes in the water on this trip but it was a little taste of Paris that has left me hungering for more. This is probably a poor choice of words, because we were anything but hungry on this trip.

It's hard to believe it was just yesterday we were sitting down to lunch at L'Arpège. (Many many thanks to my buddy Aaron for providing us with the best tips and recs for this trip.) We had really high expectations for this place, and they were far exceeded. The only poor planning on our part was that we had a plane to catch that evening, which meant a leisurely 4-5 hour lunch was just not happening. We wanted to eat as much as we could before running off to the airport - the whole spread is below.

I wish I could tell you what each dish was, but I was in too much of a veggie-induced state of bliss to focus on the components of every dish. It was easily one of the best meals of my life. It's hard to even pinpoint highlights, because it felt like each dish was better and more revelatory than the last. Even J, who scoffs at vegetables normally, says the dish with the baby zucchini and turnips (in the 5th row of photos) was the one of the best things he ate on this entire trip. Although we've had our fair share of excellent food in the city, nothing quite compares with this experience.

(All images taken with the Fuji x100 - which served me quite well on this trip! More non-food posts to come, I promise. ;))


  1. Mm, it looks so delicious! And your description of it is making me even more hungry. ;)

  2. Hot damn, this looks amazing!

  3. At this moment, I'm totally happy that I'm following your blog and being able to live vicariously through you :)
    Eat Cake

  4. It is all veggie! They look so beautiful, they took the meat lover out of me.

  5. You have such beautiful pictures! Everything looks so yummy!

  6. your photos are so inspiring ! great photos tho :)

    XX JUNO ♥

  7. *Sigh*

    Definitely a dream of mine to go there someday. Didn't get the chance when I was in France! Good excuse to go back I suppose!

    I absolutely can't wait to see the rest of your trip Alice!

  8. I found your blog recently and so glad to see each and every post. U are just awesome and very inspiring. I must confess your photographs give me a total different perspective to see a particular moment and place. Keep posting more and more, best wishes.

  9. great...and now i'm sooooo hungry :(


  10. beautiful fotos!
    & how did they open the egg like this?!
    the dessert must have been delicious too!


  11. oh, my. this looks so good! excited to see more paris posts :)

    (and I'm glad to see some fuji x100 shots... even though I wasn't crazy about the one I rented recently, I think it's perfect for occasions like this.)

  12. Oh, my! What beautiful food. And beautifully photographed. Did anyone look at you funny for taking photos of your food?

  13. Looks scrumptious. I like the plate that the greens were served on hehe

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