May 3, 2012

P + C

I was excited to hear that these two fellow photo geeks (1, 2) will be moving to NYC! These photos of Pei and Chris were taken about a month ago on one of their visits here from SF.

This last shot was a behind the scenes look of how she got this pic. :) Looking forward to more photo meetups in the future, and expanding the geekosphere.


  1. Love them both. Can I join the cool gang too? :P

  2. Oh, Pei and Chris are the nicest! I'm sad to hear the West Coast will be losing them. They were a pleasure to geek out with during my last visit to the Bay Area, and they were willing to bear my Milhouse impression and still hang out with me afterwards. The hallmark of good people. :)

  3. Hope you have a wonderful time (it sure looks like it on Instagram) !