Sep 12, 2011

Neighborhood eats

It's been a while since I've had a proper dining out, but here's some recent fun with the x100 and nearby food. I have some issues with focusing on this camera, but otherwise, it's a nifty restaurant camera that isn't quite as ridiculous and imposing as the 5D.

Chorizo benedict (left) and chickpea hash (right) from El Cobre's brunch menu. J and I went again two days ago. Safe to say we're going to eat through the whole menu soon.

My haloumi salad + Lauren's mozzarella sandwich and Ian's smoked salmon (I think?) sandwich from a lazy lunch at Cafe Orlin.

As far as unpacking goes... well, it hasn't. I ache for the day all cardboard boxes are out of sight. How do other people manage to get settled in to a new place so seemingly effortlessly!


  1. i love the images you've posted from your x100! sigh- more camera stuff on wish list...

    i moved 3 years ago and still have boxes. so, i would like to know who those people are who can unpack in less than a week and make their new place look as if they've lived there for years! :)

  2. great shots, the sandwiches look really yummy.
    hang in there, Alice, and extra good luck with your continued unpacking efforts! :)

  3. Haloumi salad! I'm so jealous. I've never been able to find haloumi here. That mozzarella sandwich looks delicious too.

  4. I know the feeling all too well! I just moved into my new place two weeks ago and the unpacking mode has seem to shut down somewhere after the first weekend here.... I don't understand how some people can unpack, decorate and make it ones own in such a short time. What's their secret?! Good luck with the rest of your unpacking! Can't wait to see some pics of your new place! I'm sure it will be awesome :)

  5. Ok, I need to have me that chorizo benedict, like NOW. I agree about the X100 being great for shooting in restaurants, but yeah, the focus system drove me nuts the first 20 minutes or so out of the box. You definitely get used to it though.