Jan 7, 2011

Coffee, snow, and behind the scenes

OST Cafe is one I'd been wanting to revisit because of the great light that place gets. Armed with my film camera loaded with Portra 400VC, I went there again last weekend. I really wanted to sit in the couch area but alas, it was full. I liked how these table shots turned out though. There is something a bit vintagey about them, and the dainty plates definitely help contribute to that feel.

Some funny BTS (behind the scene) shots for you. I didn't realize I looked so ridiculous when shooting, hah.

Before the light completely died that day, we headed to Union Square looking for anything interesting. There wasn't too much going on, but I did find this charming little snowman.

Here is the set of BTS that goes with these shots. I trekked around in completely wet shoes after that. Not sure that was worth it!

I have no real set plans this weekend, which is a nice change, but I'm sure (and hoping) it will involve some cafe venturing in Brooklyn and more film shooting. :)


  1. I love the snow shots, really nice!

  2. wearing flats in the snow? brave woman. i'm going up to san fran tomorrow, and wanted to wear flats but the forecast of 58F was too cold for that! so weak.

  3. Like the feel of this. Buffalo China mugs?

    Left-eye dominant; me too! I have problems pushing buttons and moving the cursor around with my nose.

    Great set; keep the toes warm!

  4. cafe venturing - how fun! wish i had someone who would be into cafe venturing (hubby hates the smell of coffee places). i'm getting really curious about that mystery person in so many of you shots (I'm assuming it's the same person in those shots =) have a wonderful weekend! Await eagerly for your new captures.

  5. wonderful photos as always

    and i love the bts shots!

  6. Love Ost. Such a chill spot! Love the coffee mugs. Reminds me of a diner.
    I like the behind the scenes shots too!! :)

  7. What I like more of your photos are the clean compositions, the light (always wonderful) and the tones. Either if shot in digital or in film (the grain adds something more...). They tell very well what fascinating city must be NYC...with its locations and cafè :)

  8. I always love your photos. But today I also LOVE your outfit!

  9. You are a trooper, there's snow all around and yet you are there with those shoes. Lol. I think it's safe to say we all ridiculous when we shoot so it's normal by our standards ;)

  10. I love how I feel like I am with you for all of your trips to NYC coffe shops!

    And I think we all look crazy shooting our food/coffee before we eat them ~

    Love the film, and your behind the scenes shots!

  11. Lovely photos. I like seeing the behind the scenes photos, too, because you are oh so stylish. (Especially digging your purse.)

  12. hi dear!
    please take a look on our last post: we've made a list of our fav blog and you are in it!! :)