Jan 10, 2011

Ace hotel comforts

It's no surprise that the Ace Hotel in the Flatiron district has a great and stylish vibe. It also houses the wonderful Stumptown coffee and a cozy lobby area. On a Sunday evening, there is not an empty seat in sight. I snapped this quickly after stopping in the hotel for a bathroom break (:P).

These words are written on the steps going up from the bathroom area. A nice reminder, I'd say. :)

Both were taken on Fuji 400H. Hope everyone's Mondays weren't too painful!


  1. Nice photos. What caught me eye was the saying on the stairs. I really needed to see that right about now, and it may become my new mantra. Thank you.

  2. Missing N-Y and I love that area the flatiron district, I was there on april 2010!!!!!

  3. me like stumptown coffee too! love that optimistic quote on the steps - i'm a total believer everything turning out well in the end.

  4. First photos is so interesting! I can see that in monochrome :D
    Thanks for the comment Alice, i'm following you!


  5. those stairs are brilliant! really beautiful!

    xo Alison

  6. Aw, it doesn't even look like a lobby. It reminds me of a college library... And that thought makes me miss the college days :(

  7. Those words on the staircase are a good reminder.. even just seeing it on your blog made me feel at ease haha.

  8. I love these little treasures you find!